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About me

Hey there! Glad you made it.My name is Stephanie! I'm an Illustration student born and raised in Southern California. I currently work at a draft horse stable, but I'm hoping to switch to full time art after completing my BFA. When I'm not in class, I enjoy working in my sketchbook with mixed media, or working on pet portrait commissions. My main focus at the moment is improving my skills and experimenting with different mediums. As far as big goals go, graduation is the main thing on my mind, although I hope to get a shop going relatively soon as well.When I'm not at school or work or making art, you can find me cooking, baking, hanging out with my dog Kitty, or riding my horse Peanut Butter.


Looking for a commission?Please let me know your ideas in as much detail as possible, including subject, size, colors, budget, tone, embellishments you're interested in, etc. It's okay if you're not 100% sure, we can bounce ideas around to work out the kinks. However, the more you can tell me, the better your commission will turn out!Currently I mostly work on watercolor pet portraits, but I'm open to discuss just about anything. Please be advised that I take all of my commissions on a case-by-case basis.Please click on the button below to read all the commission disclaimers before proceeding.

Fill out this form to make your commission request! Some examples of styles can be found below.

Some examples of past work

Currently I mostly work on pet portraits. No need to worry if you have an unconventional pet or a different idea, I'm happy to work with you! These are some of my standard styles:

Pet Portrait Sketch

A simple sketch with a loose watercolor background or fill. This style starts at $30.

Watercolor Pet Portrait

A more detailed portrait, still in a sketchy style. Watercolor drop backgrounds with shading on your pet are the most common choice. Pricing for this style starts at $50 and goes up based on complexity.

Embellished Pet Portrait

You can choose from a few different options for embellishments, including sparkly/shiny paint, lettering, flowers in the background, and more. Pricing for this style starts at $75 and goes up based on complexity and the number of embellishments.

Acrylic Pet Painting

Please be advised I take acrylic requests on a very limited basis. Send a message via the commission form button, and we can discuss options. Minimum pricing for acrylic paintings is $120.

Click the button below to see more of my work and more pet portrait examples!

Commission terms

Please read all the below info before placing a commission order.


I take all commissions on a case by case basis. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, and am not required to document or state the reasons.For pet portraits, clear references are required in order to ensure your pet's likeness. Other projects may require references. I want to make sure that you love your art piece, so clear communication of expectations is important.I will always treat a commissioner with respect, and request to be treated with respect in return throughout the process. If I feel I am being treated with hate, aggression, or inappropriate behavior, your commission may be cancelled. (See cancellation for more info.Commissions turnaround varies. Please note that art is not my full time job, so it may take longer than expected to finish a commission. Simple sketches may take as little as 2 weeks, but large or complex pieces may take up to 6 months to complete.If you need your commission done by a certain time, please let me know in advance. Depending on the time frame, this may incur additional charges.Please note that I only send progress photos during the sketch stage and once the piece is completed. I find that art can look a little wonky in the in between stages, and I don't want you to worry about how it looks in the "trust the process" phase!


Each commission varies, but this is what a typical pet portrait will entail.The first step is submitting a commission form with your ideas. Please be aware it may take up to two weeks for me to respond to inquiries.In the following emails, we will discuss the specifics of your piece, including ideas, colors, and subjects. This is also the time when references will be sent, and we will agree on pricing and deposits will be paid. Please keep in mind that I cannot start a piece before receiving clear references and a deposit.The next phase will be the sketch. At this point you'll receive a progress photo to approve. This is typically where the last minor revisions will be accepted (see revisions for more info).Then your piece will be painted. Once complete you will receive a progress photo to approve. If you would like to add something at this stage, it may incur an additional charge.Final payments will need to be paid before your piece is shipped (it may take up to a week before your commission is shipped, but typically it's just a few days).


I want to make sure you love your piece! However I have had to put limits in place to ensure that I'm receiving a fair wage for my time and work.Please keep in mind that edits can be difficult to make depending on the media being used. I primarily work in watercolor, which is beautiful but can be difficult to alter due to its transparency.Minor revisions can be made any time before your piece is inked or painted. For instance, if you change your mind about background colors during the sketch phase, we can easily make that change. Up to 3 minor revisions per piece can be made free of charge, additional changes will incur additional fees.Major revisions (any changes that require me to use additional materials) do incur an additional charge, typically 50% of the original price but may vary. Some examples include adding embellishments or changing the background color after it's painted, as this increases material costs and may require me to start over completely.


Commissions are for personal use only. Feel free to post it online, or on social media (but please remember to credit!).If you need a commission for commercial use, this needs to be agreed upon and will necessitate a specific contact and payment.I retain the right to use commissions in any capacity (including social media, advertising, etc.). Please discuss it with me if you do not want your commission to be used in any way.Please note that I (the artist) retain copyright to all works, regardless of the subject. This includes reference photos used or OC content (I retain the right to my artwork, while the commissioner retains their right to their photo/OC).The commissioner may not alter, remove watermarks or signatures, duplicate, recreate, trace, heavily reference (as determined by the artist), redistribute, resell, or claim credit for creation of the artwork. The artwork is not to be used for NFTs or any other type of cryptocurrency, feeding into AI generators, marketing, or commercial purposes.


I only accept PayPal. No checks, gift cards, or alternative payment will be accepted.Prices are non-negotiable and listed for personal use only. It is your responsibility to notify me if you would like art for commercial use before agreeing on a price.75% of the agreed upon commission price is due before starting on your piece. The final 25% is due before your piece is sent.Commission pricing is subject to change. Price changes will not apply if you have submitted your request before changes took place.Shipping is to be paid separately from commission pricing, and will be charged before your piece is sent.


Unless otherwise requested, you will receive a physical copy of your commission. Shipping cost is not included in commission pricing.Shipping prices & process may vary based on the size of the package and its contents. Each piece will have to be individually quoted.Please note that it may take up to a week for pieces to be shipped after completion.


You can cancel your commission at any time, and as long as the piece has not been started, you will receive a full refund. However, no refunds will be issued once your commission has been started, so please be sure before making your request.If I cancel your commission, you will receive a refund based on how much work has been completed.If a commission is cancelled due to hateful or inappropriate behavior (as determined by the artist), no refunds will be issued.If you have reached out and I haven't responded within two weeks, you have the right to cancel your commission and request a full refund for artist ghosting. This is not something I will ever do, but I've added this clause for your protection.During the process, you will be sent a progress sketch to approve. As you are paying for a piece of art made by me, my job is to complete the art piece based on the terms and agreed upon details. I will always do my best to make sure you are satisfied with your piece, but please familiarize yourself with my work so you know what to expect before requesting a commission. No refunds will be issued if you don't like the completed piece or it's not what you expected.

A Note about Scams

With scams becoming more common, it's now necessary for me to make this disclaimer, both for your protection and mine.I only accept PayPal. No checks, gift cards, or alternative payment will be accepted.I will never ask you to send money to a third party. Payment will always be made through PayPal. The only exception is art bought through Etsy.Overpayment will never be accepted. If you send an incorrect amount, I will cancel the transaction and request the correct amount.I always require a deposit before starting any piece. Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this rule.I do not sell art for use as NFTs.I will never sent money to a 3rd party. This includes shipping agents; I always handle my own shipping and do not work with a 3rd party shipping agent.I will never send out personal information for any reason. I will also never ask you for personal information such as social security numbers.

Thank you for considering me for your commission! These commissions help support my goals and growth as an artist, and I love working on them!


Pet portrait sketches

Watercolor pet portraits

Embellished pet portraits

Sparkly watercolor eyes

Shiny watercolor paint in background

Watercolor flowers

Sparkly watercolor jellyfish and flowers in background

Lettering (watercolor + outline)

Gouache background and sparkly watercolor scales

Acrylic paintings

Other work

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